Courtney Hardwick

Courtney Hardwick

Courtney Hardwick is a “Scientist in a Past Life” with a passion for sharing all that she knows about educational policy in her current life. Originally from New Orleans, LA, she is a proud product of her home-city’s public education system and the informed choices made by a very persistent Mom. While receiving extra services in school because of a Gifted and Talented qualification, she began to realize that her educational experience wasn’t the norm. By the time she was in the 6th grade, she questioned why other children couldn’t receive the same “help and work” that she did.This question, which persists to this day, guided many of her educational choices. After receiving her B.S. in Psychology from Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) and A.M. in Urban Education Policy from Brown University, Courtney returned home to continue public education advocacy and training work with community members.
In her spare time from answering the question of helping build a system of equitable education, Courtney runs her own business, enjoys Beyonce, and finds time to explore the culture of her city from a tourist perspective (Geaux Saints!)


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